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Major Benefits to Consider in IV Therapy Nutrients

Most people are well aware of their body's overall needs for nutrients, but some don't realize that they aren't getting enough of certain key nutrients the body requires. There are a number of possible solutions out there if you're among these people, and one of the most effective is the use of IV therapy.

At Optimal Health Family Practice, we're happy to offer high-quality IV therapy services to a variety of clients, offering several different therapy blends that assist with issues ranging from nutrient deficiencies to fatigue and more. What are some of the key ways our IV therapy nutrients directly benefit our clients, and what are some of the frequency options for obtaining these treatments depending on your needs? Let's take a look!

benefits IV therapy nutrients

Immunity Drips

Many of the most well-known uses for IV therapy are within the realm of immunity and helping boost the body's nervous system. Our Immunity IV drip, for instance, contains several different nutrients that provide direct support here:

  • Vitamin C: This nutrient is essential for a boosted immune system, and has even been shown to help with some respiratory issues according to recent studies. Either vitamin C or ascorbic acid will also act as an antioxidant, helping protect cells from free radical damage while absorbing iron, boosting collagen levels and more.

  • Zinc: An essential trace element that helps the body's immune system fight off bacteria, zinc is necessary for proper cell growth and repair. It also helps prevent infection while reducing the duration of many illnesses, plus is known for assisting with various healing processes.

  • Vitamin B complex: To help the skin and blood cells convert these other nutrients into valuable energy that the body can use, the B-Complex has been shown to support healthy metabolism of carbs and fat alike.

As a result of combining all of these nutrients into a single IV drip, our Immunity blend helps boost immunity and health of the nervous system while providing some anti-inflammatory benefits.

Energy Drip

Another common need for many people is a boost of energy, and our Energy IV drip offers a variety of intense yet healthy benefits in this regard. Also known as the "Get Up and Go" bag, this option is focused primarily around two sets of nutrients: Essential B vitamins and amino acids.

B vitamins, for starters, play multiple roles in terms of energy production and metabolism. The B-Complex helps the body's cells convert proteins, fats and carbs into energy that can be used by the body in an efficient manner. They are very important for cellular function and energy production, and their role in metabolism also means they play a significant part for those who are engaged in weight management.

Amino acids, meanwhile, are the primary building blocks of protein in foods, and when absorbed directly through an IV drip they can help provide energy that can last for many days. They support energy production and tissue repair, plus aid in hormone production and the maintenance of neurotransmitters, which are essential for proper brain function.

Recovery and Performance Drip

Many people also utilize IV drips for recovery and performance purposes, helping support muscle repair and replenishment of electrolytes. Our Recovery & Performance drip is focused on many similar nutrients to our Immunity & Energy drips, but with some additional nutrients and some differing uses:

  • Vitamin C: As mentioned in the immunity drip, this nutrient is essential for a boosted immune system. And because of its antioxidant properties, it makes a great addition for someone looking to recover muscles after a hard workout. Vitamin C speeds up the repair of muscle fibers and tissues.

  • Manganese: For those who engage in physical activity, manganese can help speed up the process of recovery and reduce fatigue. It also helps support tissue repair, especially in connective tissues and joint health.

  • Magnesium: This is an essential mineral for athletes and active individuals alike, as it helps replenish electrolytes, supports healthy nerve function, muscle relaxation and more. It absorbs more easily while in an IV drip than when ingested through food, which is why it's a popular choice for those seeking recovery and performance benefits.

  • Zinc: As mentioned in the Immunity drip, zinc is an essential trace element that helps the body's immune system while promoting healthy cell growth and repair. It also assists with healing processes and can help reduce the risk of injury.

  • Copper: This mineral is necessary for proper energy metabolism, but it's also important for those seeking performance benefits. It helps absorb iron and supports tissue repair to help keep the body in optimal shape.

  • Selenium: This trace element is key for those looking to get the most out of their performance, as it helps reduce muscle damage and aids in recovery after strenuous activity. It also supports the body's metabolism and overall energy production.

Together, these nutrients help reduce inflammation, decrease recovery time and improve overall athletic performance. They also help limit issues of dehydration and remove toxins, all while replenishing the body's vitamin levels.

Frequency of IV Therapy Treatments

Another great thing about IV therapy is that there's no one set frequency required. Some patients receive them on a weekly basis, while others are on a monthly plan - and still others are on an as-needed basis.

This all depends on your nutrient levels and needs. Speak with your healthcare provider to determine how often you should be getting IV therapy treatments.

For more on IV therapy and its benefits, or to learn about any of our other treatments like laser hair removal or skin tightening, speak to our team at Optimal Health Family Practice today.

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